Bruce Allen Talked To The Media And Was A Lying Idiotic Piece Of Pathetic Mess The Entire Time

Bruce Allen, the worst possible fucking human on Earth not named Dan Snyder, talked to the media today. And for 15 minutes he lied through his teeth and tried to make lemonade out of chicken shit. The presser had unreal gems, like the above where he said they brought current defensive coordinator Greg Manusky into the room with candidates they were hiring to replace him. For real.

Bruce Allen had some other things like this one which is an unreal spin zone. Brace yourself, you might get so dizzy you’ll puke:

Wait. Hold on. The Skins missed the playoffs by two games this year, and one game the previous two years. And he tried to spin that AS A GOOD THING??????? What….what PLANET is he on??!?!?!

Watch the Pats. Watch the Rams. Watch the Chiefs. Remember how badly the Saints embarrassed us up and and down the field? In what world is this team close? I’m closer to winning a Pulitzer for my blogs about wanting to bang grannies than the Skins are to winning the Super Bowl.

There it is. This team just doesn’t need a GM? We’re happy with how things are now? Give me a break. It defies all logic. It doesn’t work. This current way doesn’t build a winning team or culture or anything. It’s a recipe for disaster. We’ve seen it for 20 freaking years. But as long as they keep stroking Dan Snyder’s ego (among other things) the checks will keep clearing for them every 2 weeks.

And finally:

LOL. Shut up. Just shut the fuck up. Fuck you Bruce Allen. God dammit. What an all time quote. Just shut the fuck up man. If you cared about the team you’d take a bath with your toaster or toss Dan Snyder off a cliff. Those are your options.

So all in all, Bruce Allen confirmed nothing will change and we are destined to be this way forever. Buy a dang shirt.