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Cole Beasley Went Rogue On Twitter Because Jerry Jones Continues To Piss Everybody Off

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In case you missed it, Jerry Jones and company found a brain (probably temporarily) and fired offensive coordinator Scott Linehan last week. Despite the fact that just a mere few days before it happened, Jason Garrett said it wasn’t going to happen and then it was reported that it was actually his decision that it happened and here we are.

I honestly don’t know what the fuck is really going on in Dallas that makes this team so mediocre and I’m starting to think nobody there actually knows that solid answer either.

This entire season when I was calling to #FireEveryone and reminding the doubters that if you were rooting for the Cowboys to win, you were also rooting for the Jason Garrett era to be extended. It went hand-in-hand. But that harsh reality is that as long as Jerry Jones is alive and kicking, there are going to continue to be issues no matter who the head coach is. They just can’t get out of their own way. (I still think they should get a new HC, but whatever. I’ve accepted JG will be in Dallas probably forever.)

It’s no secret that players have had issues with the Cowboys staff/front office and have aired it out publicly in the past. T.O. and Dez Bryant come to mind quickly. Petty like you read about. And now add Cole Beasley to the list of players (and people tbh) who realize that the problems in Dallas run much, much deeper than who is calling the plays.


I don’t blame him for wanting a bigger role. I mean the guy only got two targets in the loss to the Rams for god’s sake.  While he’s not Amari Cooper or Michael Gallup, Cole Beasley has been pretty clutch in the past. He’s a solid slot guy and has proven that when he does get targeted, good things tend to happen. He becomes an unrestricted free agent in March and I’d love to believe that the front office understands his worth and desire to be utilized more.

But I won’t hold my breath.

For what it’s worth, he was targeted 87 times for 65 catches this season. But if I had to guess, he’ll be wearing another jersey in 2019. Sup New England?

And what REALLY sucks about this is that this just reconfirms that even if Jason Garrett gets the boot, this franchise is going to continue to struggle to make it back to prominence while Jerry Jones is alive in charge of making all decisions as an owner and GM and master of his head coach. It just feels like Cowboys fans are going to have to live in the 90s forever.