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Marty Mush Tuesday Gambling Slate

YTD is now 30-34-1. Everyone that is heavy into gambling at the office is having a rough go at it. Dave convinced himself that he isn’t losing any money now because he retired. That is how this game goes but you just have to keep betting.


Duke -12.5 @ Pitt

This is a very interesting game. Obviously Capel is the old assistant at Duke and his now the head coach of Pitt. He knows the every single thing about Coach K schemes and just how Duke plays. Listen, Coach K is an absolute savage as and won’t let one of his own even keep up with him. He wants to annihilate him and especially because Pitt is getting some recognition in the ACC. Duke is about to go on a run after a big win at home against a great Virginia team. With Tre out RJ and Zion are going to step up as leaders by putting the offense on their back. This Pitt team doesn’t stand a fucking chance against this team and 12.5 points is laughable.

Pick Duke -12.5

Notre Dame -2.5 @ Georgia Tech

Notre Dame is on a two game losing streak coming off a tough loss at home against NC State. This is the lock of the night as I will be putting the most units on this one. The key player for ND is going to be Harvey as he needs to hit the three ball. He went 1-7 from three last game and he will come into this game shooting ready to go. Georgia Tech is a weird team to me as they beat Syracuse at their place and then gets blown out at home by Louisville. I have also banned myself from betting on GT so this was easy for me. This is a gut check game for Notre Dame so bet heavy.

Pick ND -2.5

Villanova @ Butler -1.5

So Villanova obviously isn’t as good as they usually are but this is a tough line. Butler is one of those teams that can turn it on out of nowhere. This spread is baiting you into betting on Villanova because they are the better team but this is what you need to know. Indiana has never seen the red panda before and she is the halftime show. When she kicks those bowls on her head that crowd will erupt and keep it going into the second half. That is the sole reason why i will be taking Butler.

Pick Butler 1.5 


Texas Tech ML

There are a lot of great games on tonight and bad beats will happen throughout the night. Just hope we come out alive.