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Felger... My Man... What The Hell Is Going On?

I will admit my Boston sports radio listening isn’t what it used to be, but what the hell is Felger doing to himself here? I know it’s some kind of bit because I’ve seen him with the ball gag before, but there comes a time when you gotta stand up for yourself and welch on a bet (if that’s what this is). I mean Michael Felger is a titan of the industry and he’s being reduced to Hubbs, just made to be a laughing stock

Mike, just say no. Call in sick. Punch someone if they approach you with a ball gag. I don’t know, anything but this. Because yeah, people will bust your balls in the short term but at least they won’t have these pictures to tweet at you every single day for the rest of your life. Take it from a guy who once tried to deepthroat a banana through pantyhose, it ain’t worth it.

PS – Felger does look kinda jacked so if this whole thing was a scheme to get a shirtless pic out there then fair play.