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Fuuuuuck The Academy Awards For Not Nominating "Avengers: Infinity War" For Best Picture


I’m not one to usually get triggered by award show snubs after The Wire made it through its entire run without winning an Emmy and I’ll usually let the LCB fellas gripe about which movies were/weren’t deserving of winning Best Picture because I’m not smart enough to understand most of the movies that get nominated for Best Picture in the first place. But Infinity War getting snubbed is a fucking TRAVESTY. Now maybe back in the day when there were 4 movies nominated for Best Picture, I could understand a snub like this. A superhero movie sticks out like a sore thumb amongst some of the fancy ass movies that prefer to be called films. But once they expanded the field to eight (8) movies, there was no excuse for such a blatant snub.

Infinity War was THE movie of 2018. The box office says this, the Twitter memes say this, the internet says this, and the amount of views on Netflix says this. If you didn’t rewatch Infinity War multiple times during Christmas break, you didn’t have access to the internet at your childhood home. Tell your folks to stop being cheap fucks and get the World Wide Web. The movie was a decade in the making with a billion other good movies leading up to it and it somehow exceeded expectations. It was funny, action packed, full of real drama, looked beautiful, and had a first ballot Hall of Fame villain in Thanos. I read comic books growing up and didn’t give a fuck about Thanos. He was some weird looking dude that lived in space and I honestly couldn’t have cared less about him or all those other space characters. But Infinity War made him an awesome character that actually had a method to his madness. If you didn’t at least understand his logic for wiping out half of life in the universe in order to make life significantly better for everyone that survived, you are thick headed. He was smart, calculating, and a badass motherfucker that started off the movie by kicking the shit out of The Hulk and ended it by wiping out 50% of all living creatures with the snap of his fingers. Name a more impressive villain performance than that in the history of cinema. You can’t. I know Black Panther got the nod as a comic book movie, which was cool and all. But even King T’Challa himself knows that Infinity War was by far Marvel’s best movie of the year as well as the biggest movie of the year for all of Hollywood. So fuck The Academy for not recognizing that movie and Thanos’ greatness. They are rebuked in the name of the Lord.

Now lets have The Spinners play us out!