Is 5'4" UFC Champ Henry Cejudo Really About To Cuck Nikki Bella From John Cena?

There’s a little bit to unpack here, so let’s get right into it.

Last Sunday, Henry Cejudo sat on a flight next to Nikki and Brie Bella going from Phoenix (where they all live) to New York where he was set to defend his Flyweight Championship on Saturday night, and he took a quick photo with them in first class.

Innocent enough.

When Ariel Helwani brought this picture up on his interview with the champ yesterday, though, and asked him what it was all about, the ever-so-awkward Cejudo explained that Nikki Bella has been his #1 crush forever…and also that his 9-year-old niece dresses up as her constantly. A little weird that those two things were brought up in-sequence with each other, but I ain’t touching that one.

He does misspeak all the time, even saying after his fight on Saturday that he felt like he was starting to “sound” pregnant, which nobody quite understood, so actually, you gotta let that odd pairing slide. Can’t ask too much of the guy here.

BUT, his point was, Nikki Bella is a very attractive woman, and I concur.



I’m getting carried away here but FOR SURE throw Nikki a follow on Instagram if you enjoyed that content.

Nikki Bella apparently caught wind of Henry’s complimentary comments towards her, though, and of his big 32-second knockout over TJ Dillashaw, and sent him this extremely flirtatious video response through Helwani.


Listen…I’ve been on record many times saying that I have a crush on Nikki Bella. Many times. I think I even told her so when we interviewed her on From The Top Rope (RIP). I’m sure people talk about their own Nikki Bella crushes all the time. I can’t imagine a straight dude or a gay chick not having a crush on Nikki Bella, to be honest. She ain’t telling all those people she wants to learn some moves from them, though, and take ‘em out for a drink! This seems special.

I mean…if Nikki Bella sent me that video, and said all the same shit she did to Cejudo there, I have to admit – and I’m sorry to be a bit on the vulgar side, because I know there are some children read this site, but I just have to be honest – I would cum myself.


Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 2.13.32 PM

Cum everywhere.

Henry continued the back and forth with another video, seen below, and I’m starting to wonder…

…is this 5-foot-4 125lb mothafucka really about to cuck John Cena?

Sure, he and Nikki broke up a few months ago, leading him to take long walks and chat with complete and total strangers from the hours of 6pm to 9pm:

…but this would be a complete and total cuckage regardless.

Nikki may have just been being nice and playing along, but I don’t know. They both live in Phoenix, their professions are oddly connected and intertwined a little, they undoubtedly have some mutual friends – I’m just saying this: keep your eye on this developing story.

I know I will.