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It Appears That Deadspin Is Now Trying To Get To Me Through Tom Brady



So as everybody knows by now I have a long and storied history of absolutely dominating Deadspin. Just making them my absolute bitch at every single turn. While I have turned Barstool Sports into one of the most dominant and influential digital media brands on the planet Deadspin has sunk to the bottom of the internet. I’ve watched gleefully as they filed for bankruptcy for immoral and illegal practices. I’ve mocked them relentlessly at every turn. I’ve danced on their graves and relished in their demise. It’s been one of the most one sided beat downs in the history of modern civilization.

Well it appears as Deadspin has now shifted strategies. After years of trying to attack me only to end up knocked out and unconscious on the mat they have finally accepted the fate that I am untouchable. They realize that emailing Peter Cherin to cry about how I’m a bully doesn’t help. Complaining to our advertisers that I’m the devil doesn’t help. Calling the cops doesn’t help. Writing fake articles about me doesn’t help. Nothing they can do effects me. I’m untouchable and they know it.

So now they are going after the people I care about. Now they are going after Tom Brady. In what can only be described as “typical Deadspin/muckraker journalism” they are begging people for any info on Tom Brady doing illegal activities that could help explain his success. Unfortunately I’m not surprised they stooped to this level. After all this is a long storied tradition at Deadspin dating back to the AJ Daulorio Deadspin days. Deadspin trying to concoct stories from the clouds. Trying to create a controversy out of nothing. Back in the day Deadpin called it the Gold Club. They literally paid people at ESPN to give them dirt in exchange for immunity. It didn’t matter if the stories were true or not or if they ruined lives or not. It didn’t matter if they were personal matters. As long as it would get them clicks they’d print it no matter the cost. Of course this eventually let to their demise, but now that they’ve hit rock bottom they have nothing to lose so they are resurrecting the process. And since they can’t hurt me they are now trying to attack my friends and family. Well let me say this loud and clear. There is no place for this type of journalism in the United States. If it was up to me Tom Marchond would be executed on the spot. If it was up to me all Patriot fans would be allowed to publicly stone him in front of Gillette. Unfortunately it’s not up to me and we live in a society where frontier justice is frowned upon.  I’m just hoping karma catches up to him because bad things should happen to bad people.