Woman Gets Called To Come On Down To Contestant's Row On Price Is Right While She Is In The Bathroom, Immediately Wins And Gets On Stage

Do you believe in miracles?!? YES!!! Imagine going from the relative low of squeezing human waste out of you to the high of beating everybody on Contestant’s Row and winning an invitation onto the legendary Price Is Right stage in a matter of minutes? Unfuckingbelievable. I’m sure Tara’s bladder was ready to explode and she absolutely had to dip out. But you still have to be crazy to leave your seat with even the most remote chance your name could get called. There is not a CHANCE Loud Sean would have taken a bathroom break while Price Is Right was being recorded, even if he ate nothing but Taco Bell for 3 days in a row.

Tara is sooooo lucky that Bob Barker isn’t the host anymore because he would have waited exactly 0.2 seconds for her to show her face then screamed for Rod to announce the next name on the list into his skinny ass microphone before signing off by telling you to slice and dice your pets reproductive system. But now it’s a Drew Carey production and people can just daydream on the shitter as they are being told to come on down. If that isn’t a perfect description of how the world has changed over the years, I don’t know what is.