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Jets Looking At All 300 Pounds Of Jamarcus Russell

Pro Football Talk – Former No. 1 overall pick JaMarcus Russell — widely considered the biggest bust in NFL draft history — recently shed weight and is attempting an NFL comeback. The Jets need a quarterback. Russell was once a quarterback. And the Jets have explored the possibility of adding Russell to their offseason roster. Per Conor Orr of the Newark Star-Ledger, the Jets had “some very exploratory, informal discussions” about the ex-Oakland Raider. The discussions took place after the firing of G.M. Mike Tannenbaum, and among members of the organization that still have their jobs. It doesn’t sound like a signing is imminent, but Russell should come cheap, likely on a minimum-salary deal as he attempts to turn his life and football career around. The Jets should like the sound of that. Because Tannenbaum left them with the worst salary cap situation in the league.

Well lets go ahead and file this under “2nd least surprising story of the day” behind the Arod HGH scandal. At this point, the Jets are “talking” to anybody and everybody. Jamarcus Russell, Honey Badger, Michael Vick, fucking whoever. Whichever bust/outcast is out there looking for a job, sit by your phone because the Jets will be calling you soon. They’re a couple weeks away from holding open tryouts like Marky Mark in Invincible.

I keep hearing stories about Mark Sanchez and Jamarcus Russell working out with Jeff Garcia to try and learn the West Coast Offense. Well why not cut out the middle man? Why not just sign Jeff Garcia’s gay ass? Probably just as good as those two clowns, if not better. Jeff makes about 11 million dollars less than Sanchez and he weighs about 275 pounds less than Russell. Perfect fit.