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These Chiefs Fans Reactions Make Life Worth Living

I’m convinced at least half of these reaction clips you find in these videos are staged as hell. You can usually tell when someone hit REWIND on the DVR and tried to act like they were recording in the moment.

I don’t care. I don’t need authenticity any more than you need to believe “Doing it Before School with My Stepmom” is real to appreciate a good work of art. For the purposes of this, I can suspend disbelief because the pain – like the sex between fake family members – is real.

There’s just so many winners here:

“Fuck y’all, man! We did the AFC championship  after never winnin’ our first playoff game in 20-some odd years? Fuck your momma too!”

“Aww, fuck me! It’s the first team to score??? Fuck you, BIIIITCH!!!” while the baby is crying.

“OH MY GOD! They ALWAYS WIN!!! How do they DOOO THIIIIS???”

The beardo sucking down a fifth of Jack Daniels while making Chewbacca crying noises.

“Don’t laugh! Oh my goodness …”

“It’s rigged. F-the Patriots and the their fans and the refs who are like Tom Brady’s babysitters.”

“That’s a bad camera angle!” on Dee Ford’s neutral zone infraction.

These are practically as much a tradition in January and February in New England as watching Christmas movies is in December. I want to thank the good people of Kansas City (and the podunk white trash ones swearing in front of their screaming toddlers) for providing us all the laughs. Citizens of Los Angeles, you know what’s expected of you. Especially this guy. I’ll be counting on him.