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Arod Did HGH In 2012

NBCSports – Now a blockbuster report from the Miami New Times, which has been given patient records by an anonymous source, suggests that A-Rod and other ballplayers were, in fact, given HGH by Bosch. In A-Rod’s case as late as last year, long after he claimed that he had ceased using PEDs (A-Rod said at his 2009 press conference that he stopped taking PEDs in 2003 and hadn’t taken them since):

Yet there was his name, over and over again, logged as either “Alex Rodriguez,” “Alex Rod,” or his nickname at the clinic, “Cacique,” a pre-Columbian Caribbean chief. Rodriguez’s name appears 16 times throughout the records New Times reviewed.

Take, for instance, one patient list from Bosch’s 2009 personal notebook. It charts more than 50 clients and notes whether they received their drugs by delivery or in the office, how much they paid, and what they were taking.

There, at number seven on the list, is Alex Rodriguez. He paid $3,500, Bosch notes. Below that, he writes, “1.5/1.5 HGH (sports perf.) creams test., glut., MIC, supplement, sports perf. Diet.” HGH, of course, is banned in baseball, as are testosterone creams.

The New Times details multiple other records of banned substances, under either Rodriguez’s name or under his cousin Yuri Sucart. These include HGH, IGF-1, which stimulates muscle growth and is also banned and something called “troches,” which is a lozenge which releases testosterone.  But there is evidence of more recent use as well:

The mentions of Rodriguez begin in 2009 and continue all the way through last season. Take a page in another notebook, which is labeled “2012? and looks to have been written last spring. Under the heading “A-Rod/Cacique,” Bosch writes, “He is paid through April 30th. He will owe May 1 $4,000… I need to see him between April 13-19, deliver troches, pink cream, and… May meds. Has three weeks of Sub-Q (as of April).”

The New Times describes Sub-Q as a “mixture of HGH, IGF-1, and other drugs.”

Also mentioned in the records are Melky CabreraYasmani Grandal and Bartolo Colon, all of whom have tested positive for PEDs in the past year.  One additional mention — a player never before linked with PEDs — is Nelson Cruz.  Gio Gonzalez is mentioned as well, but the records seem less definitive and may be connected to his father, who is quoted in the story. The New Times attempted to get comment from all of the athletes named in the story. None responded. This is a major, major story.  We have the east coast BALCO on our hands here.

So wait a minute – the Arod we saw last year, was the Arod on HGH??? Bro you fucking suck! Guy went like 2-500 with 400 strikeouts in the playoffs and he was using PEDs. How much worse would he have been if he wasn’t cheating? Ordinarily you see a guy like Ryan Braun who bashes 50 home runs and you find out its tainted so thats why its so appalling. But if Arod was still getting benched for Raul Ibanez and fucking Eric Chavez while he was on HGH, do we even care? Its like “if a tree falls in the woods…” If Arod did HGH, but still completely sucks, do we care that Arod did HGH at all?”

And honestly, you can go ahead and file this under “least surprising news ever.” People are asking “Could Arod really be this stupid after already being caught in 2009?” Yes, yes he could. He’s like that loser kid in school who only has friends because he throws parties at his parents big ass house and lets you borrow his car and buys all the beer and shit. He’s gotta buy and cheat his way into it. Arod threw the biggest party ever in 2009 and everyone loved him for a few seconds but he went right back to being an unlikable slug and now he’s gotta buy his way back in again. He’s old, he’s broken down, he’s getting benched, and he’s the butt of everyone’s joke. He’s being ridiculed about the remaining $120 million on his contract that he has no chance to realistically “earn.” So he cheats. Can’t blame him, really. I’d probably roll the dice and try to regain some respect and hope I never get caught too. You’ve already got a black mark on your record for cheating once – if there’s a glimmer of hope you don’t end up retiring a pathetic loser, might as well give it a try. Worst case scenario is Cacique ends up a pathetic loser because he just stinks, or he ends up a pathetic loser because he cheated. Nothing to lose.

PS – If Arod’s smart he’ll go with the “Its not my HGH, its all my trannie girlfriends’. Torrie Wilson and her crew of monstrous transgender freaks.

PPS – Cue the “void his contract!” hysteria. Hey at least you’ll get a 50 game break from him. Its Youk time!