The Only Movie That I Know Deserves An Oscar Is "Free Solo"

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I don’t see many movies. I wish I did, but I simply never go. Which is dumb because I have a movie theater a 2 minute walk from my apartment and I thoroughly enjoy a nice hot tub of popcorn. Sometimes I’ll cut a hole in the bot..nevermind. That’s not important. But what is important is while I don’t see many films, I see the important ones. The Oscar-nominated ones. For instance, last year I saw the Oscar-nominated film “Boss Baby”. It was the triumphant tale of good vs evil, leadership vs betrayal, corporate greed vs the socio-economic divide, and many other deeper themes and motifs that you’ll simply have to see the movie to fully understand. While it was ultimately snubbed at the Academy Awards in both Best Picture and Best Animated Film categories, it’s legacy will be longer lasting than any movie from not only last year, but the last decade.

And following in Boss Baby’s footprints, I saw another incredible film this year, “Free Solo”. Free Solo is a documentary about the incredible climber Alex Honnold and his quest to be the first person to climb El Cap, a 3,000 foot granite wall in Yosemite, completely without ropes. Just for reference, here is El Cap:


And he’s just up there…without ropes….


The film has already won a plethora of awards, most notably my coveted Documentary of the Year award. It’s absolutely phenomenal. It’s the only movie I’ve ever seen twice in theaters, and I saw it 3 times. Honnold even went on PMT, that’s how you know it’s good.

So while you can have your artsy fartsy movies and your Black Panther and your Vice (which by the way, was very overrated), the only movie I care about winning an award this year is Free Solo. Honnold definitely does not care about winning some meaningless award, but as a fan I think it’d be cool to see it win. Though the good news is if it doesn’t, much like Boss Baby, we will know it was snubbed and be on the right side of history regardless of what the Academy says.