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Videos That Just Won't Die Volume 1: Celtics Fan Rocking Out To Bon Jovi

Possible New Segment Alert

Every now and then I’ll hop on Facebook to get a good laugh at what all the olds are talking about. Sometimes it’s post about a lost dog without a collar that’s actually a coyote, and sometimes it’s about a lady who’s mad that somebody threw a beer can on her lawn.

That’s not my favorite thing though. My favorite thing is when I see a video that’s been shared hundreds of thousands of times from like 10 years ago that the Facebook crowd thinks is brand new. The videos that have truly become the cockroaches of the internet that just won’t die.

First up is this Celtics fan who I actually remember Dente blogging about way back when it happened ten years ago. I think he (and alot of us) was originally under the impression that it was fake because even if this happened during the Ricky Davis years, there was just no way some dude could highjack the entire arena like this without it being fake.


It turns out that it was real, I think:

The kid just seems too genuine to be a plant. I want to clarify as well that I don’t hate this video. This is the rare type of kid who I think should get a pass when doing shit like this because he seems like a good guy that does it for the love of the game. I just had to post him first in this series because he continues to pop up on Zuckerberg’s dwindling platform.

We do need an update on what he’s up to 10 years later though. Does he still go to games? Does he still go by Bon Jovi? Is he mowing down all of the Facebook puss because they think that this happened last Tuesday?

Help me out here, Boston.