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Mayor Bloomberg Is An Ass Man

NYDNMayor Bloomberg was more focused on buns than guns at a recent holiday party, a new magazine report claims. While Hizzoner has been all over the airways pushing gun control, a New York magazine reporter says the mayor was far more interested in ogling a woman’s behind than discussing the issue at a recent holiday party. Scribe Jonathan Van Meter says a friend who accompanied him to the party made a point of thanking the mayor for his work on gun control. “Without even acknowledging the comment, Bloomberg gestured toward a woman in a very tight floor-length gown standing nearby and said, ‘Look at the ass on her,’ ” Van Meter wrote. “Anyone who knows Mike knows this is exactly the way he kibitzes privately,” the source said. “He has [a] 1950s sense of humor about women which is neither malicious nor deniable. Everybody knows that.”

I hope Bloombito turned around and gave the Spanish translation too. “Mirror el kool-oh del aye-ya!” Maybe have that sign language broad gesturing to a nice pair of cheeks. In case you didn’t realize by now, Mike Bloomberg does whatever the fuck he wants. I don’t know how this could possibly be news to anyone after he fucking strapped an air conditioner to the window of his SUV. That was the exact pinpoint moment that Bloomberg decided “I don’t give a fuck” and ever since then he’s just done and said whatever he wants to. When you’ve been Mayor/King of New York for like 20 straight years you think you go to holiday parties and don’t check out asses? He probably had one of his minions hunt that chick down and he fucked her in the coat room. Thats how Bloombito rolls. Straight Mad Men, Jewish style.

PS – Funniest part of the Daily News article was this caption: “If you know whose derrière Mayor Bloomberg was admiring please give the Daily News a call.” Sending out their very own smoke patrol! Well I second this motion. Anybody who knows who’s ass Bloomberg was drooling over gets a free Ball Don’t Lie shirt.