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Top 15 Countdown Of The Best Rough N Rowdy Moments Ever - #11 Days Away From RnR 7

Absolutely one of the all-time strategies me and Dave have ever witnessed while calling RnR. It had 0% effectiveness, 100% heart, and left everyone simply in awe. The best part of all is obviously that he wasn’t killed in the middle of the ring that night . Credit to the other fighter for not laying down an Aeneas Williams neck breaker in the many moments he could have. Even at Rough N Rowdy, Ball is life.

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#15 – The Drunkest Ring Girl of All Time

#14 – Knockout Sends Him Through The Solar System

#13 – Army Veteran Teaches College Punk A Free Lesson In PAIN

#12 – The Best of “Welcome to the Jungle Jessina”

#11 – The Battering Ram Keeps Coming Back For MORE


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