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End Your Workday By Watching Klay Thompson Break A Billion Different NBA Shooting Records

New Orleans Pelicans v Golden State Warriors

Alright folks you know what time it is. You’ve made it this far into your workday, maybe some of you had yesterday off so things around the cubes were a bitch today, maybe you’ve grown tired of just staring at your clock for hours and need something to give you a little push to freedom. Well, seeing as how Klay Thompson broke another NBA record last night with his 44 points 10 3PM performance in just 26 minutes, I figured why not spend this last bit of time in the cubes reliving one of the best pure shooters this league has ever seen go out and break multiple shooting records. It’s true, Klay is having a “down” year shooting from three this season coming in at around 38%, but don’t let that fool you. He’s still one of the baddest shooters this league has ever seen, his form makes coaches around the world cum themselves and when this dude gets hot there are few things more impressive on the basketball court.

He’s part of the Splash Brothers for a reason, and if you’re unaware of what records Klay currently holds, here’s a quick list

– 37 points in 1 quarter against the Kings (2015)

– 11 3PM in a playoff game against the Thunder (2016)

– 14 3PM in a game against the Bulls (2018)

– 10 3PM in a row against the Lakers (2019)

Each and every one of those makes my brain hurt. It’s already hard enough coming to grips with the ridiculous shit that Steph Curry does every night, it just doesn’t seem fair that a completely different Warrior can be this dominant at shooting the basketball. This doesn’t even include his 60 points on 4 dribbles because that’s not a record but it’s equally as impressive. So, if you’re looking for something to kill around 24 minutes, this is the video for you. There’s something about watching a pure shooter go nuts, it just does something for me, and I guarantee that by the end of this video not only will you be impressed, but you’ll also it’s time to get the hell out of work and into freedom. Enjoy.

Almost half way home, stay strong everybody. I’ll see you again tomorrow afternoon.