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Naturally Kevin Durant Is The Calming Voice After Steve Kerr And Jordan Bell Fight In A Huddle Up 20

Oh, yeah. Who needs to be content up 20 against a Lakers team without LeBron James? Not Steve Kerr that’s who. You know why? Because Michael Jordan punched him in the face that one time. That’s where he learned you get in the face of your backup young big man and let him know that he done fucked up.

But the real story here for me is Kevin Durant being the calming voice. Sure, Steph was there too, but Durant was the one that was really trying to calm down Bell. It wasn’t too long ago that Durant found himself in the middle of one of those and there are plenty of gifs of him and Draymond Green.

I do always love when something like this happens though. It ends up leading to a bunch of groupthink about how the Warriors hate each other and then about 3 games later they drop 150 while going nuts on the sidelines. Rinse and repeat. So, I for one, won’t be saying the Warriors hate each other. No sir or ma’am. I’m going to say the Warriors love each other now. See if that reverse jinx thing works.