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Nobody Has Ever Celebrated Harder In The History Of Sports Than UNC Did ... After Taking A 12 Point Lead In The First Half

You know what? Fuck it. This is awesome. Sure it was an and-1 to go up 12 (while in the middle of a ridiculous 20-2 run). But, look at this. Coby White is out here going full cheerleader toe touches and hopping from outside the 3-point line to inside the lane. Nassir Little is stomping and fist pumping. Garrison Brooks is kicking his legs out and jumping up and down.

The more I watch it the more hilarious this ends up being to me. I don’t care that it was late in the first half of a January home game in conference play. This is part of the beauty of college basketball. You never know when a team is going to break out a ridiculous celebration following an and-1.