Torrey Smith Put Up 120 Points On His Son In Madden To Teach Him To Never Quit

Look at Torrey Smith throwing his hat into the ring for Father of the Year early in 2019 by absolutely mollywhopping his kid in Madden. There are a lot of lessons for a father to teach his son when showing him how to become a man and one of those lessons is to never give up. It doesn’t matter if that lesson is taught by watching Jimmy V’s speech, backing your kid down in the driveway and getting buckets on his undersized ass with old man hook shot after old man hook shot, or breaking the century mark on him in Madden. You have to assert dominance on your kid from an early age, because one day he will pass you in sports, video games, and everything else in life. But until that day comes, you have to let him know that the road may be bumpy by running the screen pass to Christian McCaffrey that goes for 80 yard TDs every time because your kid keeps picking Under Smoke like an idiot and then start throwing touchdowns to yourself once he tries to switch things up to zone. If you don’t turn every game of Madden into the “Make A Wish” sketch from Chappelle Show, you are doing a complete disservice to your kid and begging for him to become a soft ass quitter who taps out once the slightest bit of conflict enters his life.

Still, allowing 22 points to your kid when he’s using the 2018 Jags is flat out unforgivable for any dad, no matter how many times the kid got the ball because you put a 120 burger on his ass (no offense to Chaps and the Pardon My Take fellas).