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Divine Intervention: Maine Pastor Correctly Predicted Patriots Score On Church Sign

Joe Namath gave “the guarantee” that his Jets would win Super Bowl III over the Baltimore Colts. Before swinging, Babe Ruth pointed to the spot in center field where he’d slam a home run during game 3 of the ’32 World Series. Muhammad Ali was known to correctly predict which round his opponents would fall in…

He’s not quite an athlete himself, but now there’s pastor calling big sports shots in bustling Skowhegan, Maine.



Rev. Mark Tanner’s phone blew up Sunday night when the New England Patriots scored a touchdown in overtime in the AFC Championship game, en route to their third consecutive Super Bowl appearance.

He had publicly predicted the final score two days earlier.

On Friday, Tanner, pastor at the Skowhegan Federated Church, directed his office secretary to post a message on the big sign outside the church on Island Avenue.

It said: “God doesn’t have a favorite team but the pastor does.”

He then had his prediction of the final score accompany the message.

Patriots, 37.

Chiefs, 31.


In true New England style, it appears the Skowhegan Federated Church hosts a good amount of chowder dinners for the community (with PB&J for the kids if they haven’t been indoctrinated into chowder yet), and provides free grab n’ go meals for those in need every Wednesday. Maybe there really was a higher power on Rev. Tanner’s side?

If that’s the case, Kansas City sign chick, you have some praying to do.

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