Its The 28th Anniversary Of The Chicago Blackhawks Scream Your Brains Out During The Anthem Tradition

The Anniversary is actually January 19th, but it’s NHL All-Star week so it feels like a good time to get this up. I am always surprised when people don’t know where the tradition of cheering during the National Anthem comes from. It’s relatively new and started the way all good traditions do…organically. At the start of Operation Desert Storm the entire country had Patriotism corsing through it’s veins and it EXPLODED at the old Chicago Stadium. Dust and debris that had been lodged on top of the rafter fell to the ice after vocals shook them free.

Fast foward almost three decades and it’s one of the sweetest traditions in sports. Nothing quite like it and everyone says it gets them amped up. It used to make Bobby Luongo pee down his leg. The UC is often at its loudest during the anthem and it sets the tone for the whole game.

Big Jim Cornelison getting his rings out and his tux on is when you know its real. It’s playoff time. I miss Jimmy playoff anthems so much