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Knicks Fans Were Chanting Raymond Felton's Name During Today's Blowout At MSG

You know what? I’m just going to come out and say it. I am proud of my Knicks fan brothers and sisters out there for embracing the tank and having some fun as their team get its shit pushed in during the annual MLK Day matinee at Madison Square Garden. Never in a billion years did I ever think I would hear the Knicks faithful chant for Raymond Felton, regardless of if it was done ironically or unironically. Noah Vonleh clearly was in the same boat as well.


But a man who was able to sum up his entire career as well as this century of Knicks basketball in one gif deserved a chance to shine.


Sure it was closer to the chants you would hear for Herb Williams. But that doesn’t matter. Raymond Felton’s named just echoed out in The Mecca like other New York sports legends Mark Messier, Patrick Ewing, and of course James Dolan.

Apologies for any motion sickness this video causes

If you can’t have fun watching your team lock up another few ping pong balls in the Duke Big 3 + Ja Morant draft, you don’t deserve to have any of those players land on your team. Embrace the tank Knicks fans. The nightmare is almost over (At least I fucking hope it is).

P.S. It is an actual law that you must include the infamous Trent Tucker 0.1 second shot when referencing any Knicks game that happened on Martin Luther King Jr. Day because it gave birth to the rule that 0.3 seconds must on the clock for a catch and release shot in the NBA.

Blogger’s Note: I have yawned three times while writing this blog. Just reading the name Raymond Felton makes me yawn