It's Not An Accident That Boston Is The Most Dominant Sports City of All Time


So I’m noticing a disturbing trend that continues to gain steam lately. It seems like everytime a Boston team wins a championship the rest of the world gets mad. The rest of the world starts crying about how insufferable we are. How unfair it is that Boston teams seem to win at everything all the time. How we don’t deserve it. And after last nights improbably yet obvious victory I feel like the anti Boston sentiment has reached a fever pitch. Everybody saying how awful Patriot fans are. How awful Boston fans are. Well enough is enough. I’ve tried to be humble about our success. I’ve tried to take the high road with this. To just turn the other cheek. To quietly drink my champagne and enjoy all my parades. But I can’t do it anymore. I need to defend our cities honor.

I mean have all these other loser fanbases ever considered the fact the reason Boston wins at everything is because we are the best fans on the planet? That playing and living in our city breeds success. That it’s not an accident we win at everything? That the reason Boston is the best sports city in the world and has the best teams is because of the passion, desire, and confidence that living in Boston breeds. That we have a championship mentality that permeates every street corner in the city.  That we never take anything for granted.  Every game is sold out. Every team has the best home field advantage in the league. Every game means something. We treat our athletes like gods but we demand the best out of them. When you live and play in Boston it builds courage, nerves and a steely reserve that you just don’t find in other cities. If you can’t handle the pressure you get exposed and shipped out of town.  Our athletes develop a sense of civic responsibility.  They don’t want to let anybody down. The city and all the teams feed off each other. Nobody wants to be the team that isn’t a championship caliber team. That’s the reason Boston is the most dominant sports city that’s ever existed.  It’s not an accident.  It’s not random luck that we are the best.  Lightning doesn’t strike 100 times in a row in the same place.  It’s because of the people. So instead of crying about it maybe other loser cities should take notes. Until then shut up and just appreciate the greatness that is Boston sports.