Mitchy Pro Bowl

Everyone knows being named to the Pro Bowl is one of the most prestigious honors in all of sports.  Mitchell David Trubisky, our young, supple 24 year old QB can now take his place in Bears lore next to former greats like Bernie Masterson and The Punky QB Jim McMahon.  And rightfully so, as he tuned up the league for about 3,200 passing yards, 24 TDs and only 12 picks in 2018-19.  That’s the kind of production Bears fans have been salivating for for about 3 decades now.  Truly the GOAT of Bears QBs, with all due respect to Sid Luckman back in the 1940s.

Everyone knows how hard it is for a QB in today’s game.  They are hit harder and more frequently by bigger and faster athletes than ever before.  You think Brett Favre could have survived a whole season playing in today’s NFL?  Fuck no.  But Mitchy Dimes has proven all of the naysayers wrong and is thriving.  If you don’t think he’s going to lead this team to multiple Super Bowls, you’re an idiot plain and simple.  He’s gonna run a train on not only the NFC North, but the entire NFL for years to come.*

*Assuming the Bears sign or draft a new kicker this offseason.