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Pro Snowboarder Turns Montreal Into His Own Personal Terrain Park

Montreal, Quebec was hit with the coldest storm in a century (average temp – 5 degrees) as nearly a foot of snow fell, leaving the city at a standstill until they could start digging out this morning. That harsh weather was accompanied by widespread power outages, warnings to stay indoors, and public transportation shutdowns, but that didn’t stop Olympic gold medalist & professional snowboarder Sebastien Toutant (Seb Toots) from getting around.

He hit the streets of his hometown & turned a steep avenue into his own terrain park going between signs, over railings & coasting on walls. Basically, when everyone else was hunkered down inside, he took advantage of the lack of traffic & turned his city into a personal playground.

Toutant won gold in the 2018 Winter Games during the inaugural ‘big air’ event, but he wasn’t above hitting jumps off the local Walmart plow piles this weekend either:

After some digging I was glad to see that he’s still able to shred in warmer weather as well…

In fact, it’s not only his own city or green courses that Toutant makes the most of; when he was in Philadelphia two weeks ago he became the first person to snowboard a railing down the whole length of the famous ‘Rocky steps’.

Overall, as someone who only took about 500 steps this weekend (between my bed & the fridge) despite the weather being fine here, & who’s only ever been snow tubing, he has my respect. I couldn’t have made it down that Montreal street in a sled with bumpers on it. Looking forward to see what he gets into next.