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Francesa Gets A Police Escort To His Flight To The Super Bowl

So cocky. So so cocky. Whether you like Francesa or not, you gotta respect the fact that he’s turned taking phone calls from Benny from The Bronx and Mike from Montclair into a mutli-million dollar radio empire where he says and does basically whatever he wants. Falling asleep on the air, getting marathons canceled, police escorts to Laguardia. Dude lives like a fucking rockstar. Absolutely untouchable.

PS – Little known fact – last year when I flew out to Indy for the Super Bowl,  we had a police escort from the airport to Lucas Oil. It was completely unnecessary and I’m pretty sure it was definitely illegal, but it was absolutely hilarious. Just one off duty cop on his motorcycle blowing through traffic ahead of us while we ran red lights and shit. It was like noon. So absurd and so douchey. But hey if Francesa is down with it than so am I. Unnecessary police escorts FTW!