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Howie Mandel Asked Me How Neurotic Can One Person Be...Has He Met Himself?

So we had Howie Mandel on our show this week and it was a dream come true for me. If you follow me on twitter/and or listen to the podcast then you know I am a HUGE Deal or No Deal fan. I watched it when it was on TV as a kid and I was super excited when it came back to TV. Every week I live tweet Deal or No Deal and they continue to flirt back with me…

So here I was freaking out over Deal or No Deal tweeting to me and then just 20 mins later I found out we would be interviewing Howie…


I was filled with so much excitement that I even ripped my earring out. So when Howie came in I finally got to pitch my idea of being on Deal or No Deal in which he called me neurotic because I didn’t want to reveal any of my strategies. Feel like that’s a pretty smart move on my part though. He is the host of the show…why would I reveal my strategy to the host of the show? So that I can automatically lose? No way. He accused me of being super neurotic meanwhile I think he forgot that he talked to KFC and Feits for 15 minutes about the state of the chair in the podcast studio.

I also asked him if I could lie to people and say that I’m the banker and he seems to be ok with me lying to get ahead in life so I’d say interviewing Howie was an overall success. We also ended up talking about urinary tract infections and how people thought his bald head picture on Instagram was the tip of his penis. It is what it is. DOWNLOAD CHICKS IN THE OFFICE PODCAST TO LISTEN TO THE FULL INTERVIEW