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Well At Least Andrew Wiggins Is Already Dressing The Part Of A NBA Superstar


FABULOUS! Russell Westbrook and LeBron are going to be left with each other’s dicks in their hands once Andrew Wiggins starts doing press conferences. No socks with that tux are straight baller moves. And by baller moves I mean he could walk out with tissue boxes on his feet while wearing a skin suit made from a dead hooker and people would still praise his fashion taste. However the winner in this photo is suit jacket/no socks/camo pants looking boss in the back. Stare into those eyes if you want to read the definition of not giving a fuck.

Late rumor mill has the Sixers being HOT for Wiggins. Like the 3rd + 10th + 32nd = 1st pick hot. We’ll see…


h/t @hotfoodeater