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Can We Please Leave Jen Aniston Alone?

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You know what’s insane? Jennifer Aniston was married to Brad Pitt for 5 years. They split in 2005, fourteen years ago. And people are STILL bringing her into his affairs (so to speak). Brad Pitt is rumored to have gone on a date with Charlize Theron, and every single headline is like “Jennifer Aniston EXISTS amid rumors of Brad and Charlize date”. I’m not kidding:

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What does her going to a spa have to do with anything? She’s a rich Hollywood star, let the woman go to a Spa.

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She “looked completely unfazed”. Like, yeah? It’s been 14 years? She’s got her own life to worry about?

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Jennifer Aniston is legit out here living her life, doing a morning show appearance that has NOTHING to do with Brad Pitt and conceivably about her career. So why do these gossip rags feel the need to implicate her in what he chooses to do? Believe it or not, women live interesting lives. Our lives don’t revolve around the men we date, marry, bone, whatever. Maybe I’m a bad example, because my career is literally talking about the men I date, but despite any jokes I make about exes, I really don’t care what they do. We had our time, it passed. If they date someone else, good for them. I’m sure Jen is secure enough as a person that she doesn’t give half a fuck that Brad Pitt is dating other Hollywood stars. He’s kind of a slut, I’m sure she’s not surprised.

If Jen ever cared, I would bet that it was way back in 2004 when she had to watch sparks flying between Brangelina on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. But it’s been so long, I promise, she doesn’t give a shit about Brad. And if she does, it’s her business. Leave the woman alone.