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Here's Actual Credible People In And Out Of The Eagles Organization That Have Carson Wentz's (Albeit Broken) Back

By now we see the report that Carson Wentz only cares about Carson Wentz and is apparantly all about the “Philadelphia Carsons”. Do I believe it? Eh…somewhat. Look, even though Carson Wentz isn’t human, it’s tough for Christ reincarnated himself to hide all of his 100% true feelings within. OF COURSE there is some animosity after not being on the field when the Eagles won the Super Bowl. There has to be. However, I don’t think the ill-will is aimed towards Foles, the Eagles, or anyone else in particular (besides maybe God). I firmly believe its towards himself. Carson Wentz puts an insurmountable amount of pressure on Carson Wentz, and outwardly, the Aw Schucks Ginger Opie doesn’t know how to handle it all. Maybe he does come off as a selfish dicksqueeze or wants to do too much in the huddle and on the field. But can anyone blame him for that? There’s no doubt Wentz’s heart is in the right place, and people actually in the know can appreciate that:

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 11.42.55 AM

I would @ Fletch to tell him I love him, again, but I am still for some reason blocked. Never said a single peep other than overwhelming praise his way and all I get in return is a Cox to the face. For real. The only things questionable I said on Twitter is when he goes down with an apparent injury and I say, “No, God. Take me instead.” And I’m 100% serious. Oh well. Regardless, Fletcher Cox eats QB’s and fucks wives for a living. What he says is how it goes.

Then we got All-Pro OL Brandon Brooks with a solid Mhmmmm (I think?) backup:


Glen Macnow, one of the most respected media guys in Philly:

And even third string and future Super Bowl MVP Nate Sudfield felt the need to weigh in on his master:


So, yeah, the report may be a tad bit over blown. However, I do also believe that anonymous sources did tattle off because they weren’t happy this year. I’m not going to speculate (100000% speculating), and I love Alshon Jeffrey, but it seemed quite interesting the game after an anonymous source said something along the lines of “Wentz only locks down on Ertz” and the next game Jeffrey had his best performance of the season. But on the other hand, there was WAY too much false narratives being thrown around this season, from within and outside of the locker room. Among the most popular were:

“The ‘Philadelphia Carsons’ don’t spread the ball around when Wentz is QB! Foles actually threw the ball to playmakers Alshon Jeffrey and Golden Tate! Carson basically throws to Ertz on EVERY PLAY! Spread the ball around like Nick! BDN doesn’t rely on Ertz at ALL like Wentz!””

Targets per game w/ Foles

Alshon – 7
Tate – 5.4
Ertz – 9.3
Agholor – 6.6

Targets per game w/ Wentz

Alshon – 7.4
Tate – 6
Ertz – 9.6
Agholor – 5.5

Was there different execution this year? For sure. And Doug Pederson is a good, nay, great enough coach where he’s going to sit down with his Ginger and pray things right. As long as he’s healthy (HUGE assumption), things are going to be A-OK. I mean, after this season just imagine what Carson Wentz is going to do when he doesn’t “Stink”.