Fat Guy On A Plane Forces Flight Attendant To Wipe His Ass



NY PostAn overweight passenger aboard a Taiwanese airliner forced flight attendants to remove his pants so he could use the toilet — then wipe his butt as he moaned in pleasure, according to reports. A flight attendant for EVA Air — which only employs female cabin crew — described the crappy duty the paunchy perv subjected her and two of her colleagues to aboard the LA-to-Taipei flight on Saturday, according to Focus Taiwan. The sicko, who was confined to a wheelchair, told the flight attendants that he needed assistance to use the lavatory about two hours into the flight. “I felt that as a flight attendant, removing a passenger’s underwear was beyond the scope of my responsibilities,” the flight attendant told a news conference, where she was accompanied by reps from the Taoyuan Flight Attendants Union. “I told him we couldn’t help him, but he started yelling. He told me to go in there immediately and threatened to relieve himself on the floor,” she said, according to the Daily Mail. “As the passenger’s genitals were now exposed, one of my colleagues brought a blanket, which I used to cover his modesty,” she continued. “But he very angrily slapped my hand away, saying he didn’t want it and only wanted me to remove his underwear so he could use the toilet.” The man also insisted that they keep the door open because otherwise “he couldn’t breathe.” The women managed to keep the door closed, but the man — whose weight was estimated to be 440 pounds — then refused to leave the bathroom unless they wiped his backside after he finished with his business. The flight attendants refused at first but then decided to carry out the disgusting task so he wouldn’t remain in the lavatory. But things took a turn for the worse when the chief attendant donned three pairs of latex gloves and began wiping him. “He said, ‘Oh, mmm, deeper, deeper,’ and then accused my chief attendant of not properly cleaning his backside, requesting that she do it again,” she said.

First thing’s first, that guy aint 440. If Frank the Tank is 388 pounds right now theres no way this fat, wheelchaired Rick Rubin is FOUR FORTY. Dont get me wrong hes a disgusting fat mess but I’m just saying he’s not over 400 pounds. No need to lie. Secondly, I just googled what a flight attendant’s job description says:

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 11.26.37 AM

Let me ask you – you think there was any “comfort” for that fat fuck trying to wheel his ass to the bathroom? For sure not.  You think he was comfortable trying to squeeze his fat through the little accordion door of the lavatory? Thats like trying to jam a whole loaf of Wonder Bread in the toaster slit. You ever tried to be comfortable with a butt caked with poop? Not possible. If you’ve even gone like one wipe too few, your whole body is uncomfortable. Just a little remnant poop and your whole body from head to toe is compromised. Imagine this guy! Butt loaded with poop. Right in between those cheeks. Like cement between bricks.  What are you supposed to do???

I mean honestly, what do you do?? Dont let him go to the bathroom? Let him go back to his seat unwiped? Denying someone the bathroom is violating basic human rights. Making someone sit through a flight with a poopy butt, thats a hate crime. Its also gonna effect other passengers. You’re stuck between a rock and this guy’s asshole. Really have no option. Sure, wiping ass might not be in the literal job description but when you take to the skies and pin those little wings on your flight attendant suit, you’re signing up to take on whatever comes your way 30,000 feet up. You gotta be prepared for hijackers and terrorists and this fat, cracked out, bootleg Santa Claus. You think the stewardesses in the 70s liked the fact that they had to fuck all the pilots? You think they liked being groped by every Don Draper that took a flight somewhere? Probably not. Those girls werent assaulted by drunk pilots so that you could complain about a little poop. Just get all up in this guy’s ass, clean it up, and never talk about it again. Land in Taiwan and just be proud you did your job and pretend it never happened.

PS – This is fucking insanely vile. That fat shit demanding she goes “deeper, deeper” is a an atrocity. I’d storm the cockpit and take that plane straight into a mountain before I ever wiped that creature’s ass.