Heidi Klum Doing A Photoshoot In Nothing But Live Snakes And Lingerie Proves She's The Greatest Super Model Of All Time

Source - Heidi Klum proved she’s willing to do just about anything to get the shot, posing for the upcoming season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” dressed in lacy black lingerie, a matching top hat and a number of live snakes.

“I love these guys,” Klum gushed in another. And the supermodel, 45, clearly felt no fear about having the creatures slither around her neck. “Loved spending the day with these beautiful snakes,” she captioned one of several behind-the-scenes Instagram videos she shared with her 5.7 million followers.

I know this isn’t a blog I’d typically write, but as a former model whenever I see beauty, I feel compelled to comment. And every time I see Heidi I feel like Stanley Ipkiss the first time he saw Cameron Diaz in The Mask.

For some of our younger readers who may not know who Heidi is, she’s been modeling since the late nineties and hasn’t aged a day since. If you don’t believe me, here are a few pictures taken two decades apart.

She was a bad bitch before being a bad bitch was a thing. But that’s not even the reason why she’s the GOAT. She’s the GOAT because she’s still grinding. She’s still out there risking life and limb covered in garter snakes for the love of the craft. That’s why she’s worth $90 million dollars. It’s called commitment and you don’t see it from the Adriana Lima’s and Alessandra Ambrosio’s of the world. The only other person I’d put on her level is Giselle (for obvious reasons). Other than that, Heidi Klum is in a league of her own.

I’d love to see the photos turned out, but I don’t subscribe to any German fashion magazines so I guess I’ll just have to use my imagination. Hopefully, she was able to get out of there without any serious injuries.

PS: Every time I see an article on a photoshoot I automatically assume the photographer is Austin Powers.