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Dan Snyder Begged...BEGGED Todd Bowles To Take Over The Redskins

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CBS - Washington owner Dan Snyder aggressively pursued former NFL head coaches Todd Bowles and Gregg Williams to run his defense in recent weeks, despite having yet to fire defensive coordinator Greg Manusky, with the scope of his pursuit potentially not portending well for coach Jay Gruden in 2020.

Snyder flew Bowles, an accomplished former safety with the team who was recently fired as the Jets head coach, to the Washington team facility and made a concerted attempt to convince him to take over the team’s defense. While the sides did not enter into negotiations, sources said, Snyder was leading this push, not head coach Jay Gruden, and the owner made it clear he would compensate Bowles as well as any coordinator in the NFL and was also willing to alter his personnel structure within football operations if Bowles was interested

As one source with knowledge of the situation put it, “Dan put the full-court press on (Bowles). He didn’t want to let him leave. He wanted to know what conditions it would take to get him to stay. If Todd had said, ‘I’ll only do it if I am the head coach,’ I think he may have gone for it.”


Hey, what do you guys think is worse- Dan Snyder taking it upon himself to interview new defensive coordinators while still having a defensive coordinator on the staff, or Dan Snyder begging Bowels to take over the keys to the Redskins, not letting him leave Ashburn, and going as far to possibly fire Gruden to keep Bowles?

So yes, that means not only do the Skins have Manusky still on the staff as D-Cord because they couldn’t convince Bowles nor Gregg Williams to take over, but that also means Gruden is a lame duck coach who Snyder is actively trying to replace. What a ginormous piece of shit. It wasn’t bad enough that he was hiring other defensive coordinators while having one currently employed, but he did it without the head coach’s knowledge, and he was trying to give the entire team to Bowles. To Todd freaking Bowles!!!!!

So that’s today’s “Dan Snyder is an enormous piece of shit and the worst owner in professional sports” update. Jay Gruden, Greg Manusky, and everyone else should walk into Dan Snyder’s office and punch him square in the nose. What a fucking douche bag he is.

But hey, it’s all good, at least he put a movie theater on his boat.