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A Guy Helped A Thirsty Pigeon Drink From A Water Fountain And Probably Gave Everybody Bird Flu

Uhhhhhhhhhhh why the hell is ABC News framing this like it’s a feel-good story? This isn’t a feel-good story. It’s a feel-gross story. It should be a Public Service Announcement telling people not to ever ever ever help a pigeon use a water fountain. Shoo that pigeon away. Break its neck and kill it if you have to. You’ll be seen as a hero in the human community. I expected the video to be of a guy running towards the fountain flailing his arms like a mad man to scare the bird away. Not lending a helping hand in spreading disease.

Everybody who has used that water fountain since #PigeonGate is dead. I don’t know that for a fact but they are. They’re dead. If they’re not dead yet, they’re in the hospital and they’re gonna die soon. You can’t drink directly from a pigeon-infested water fountain and then go on about your day like you didn’t. Remember bird flu? Well this is how bird flu pops up again and takes out 25% of the population like the Black Plague. Where did it start, historians will ask. Well it started when a human decided to aid a pigeon in drinking out of a communal water fountain. From there, it spread like wild fire and killed millions. I hope they blow that water fountain up with dynamite.