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People Actually Chose To Watch This Halftime Show Over The Incredible Conference Championship Games

While an unforgettable all time classic NFL play-off game was going on between the Patriots and Chiefs, the Pacers took on the Hornets in an incredibly forgettable game in Indianapolis. I understand there were a lot of empty seats in Bankers Life Fieldhouse last night, but the fact that anyone left their house in 10 degree weather with the NFL Conference Championship games on blows my mind. I don’t think the Pacers thought anyone was going to show up either, so instead of booking a halftime act, the Pacers took a page out of a P.E. class and played musical chairs with a lay-up twist.

If we are playing random elementary school games, then I don’t hate seeing musical chairs. You’re almost always guaranteed someone diving for a seat and smashing their teeth on a metal folding chair. BUT, if we’re looking for the most entertaining grade school game, Red Rover needs to be introduced into the halftime show circuit. Children getting clotheslined to the hardwood probably wouldn’t go over well with parents, but the idea of seeing kids crashing full speed into a phalanx of arms and bodies for a signed Victor Oladipo snap-back hat gets asses in seats. (Just looking at the google images for Red Rover may have been more exciting than a musical chairs halftime show)


Maybe it’s because I try to constantly fill any awkward silence, but it felt incredibly uncomfortable whenever the music stopped and the emcees had to commentate the on court action. I’d like to let the record show that at the exact same time these kids were giving away their secrets on how they became championship caliber musical chairs athletes in the last 3 minutes, Tom Brady threw a goal line interception that I completely missed, and everyone in the arena completely missed because we were all too busy finding the key to this halftime game is hitting lay-ups. I won’t hold having to look away from the AFC Championship game against the grade of the musical chairs halftime review, but it definitely didn’t do the overall score any favors.  At the end of the day, we still got to see one kid laying out for glory and a few bucks worth of Pacers’ merch. 4.9/10 for at bringing us a little danger with a side of nostalgia.

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