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Dude Suing A Police Officer For Allowing Hospital Worker To Give Him Oral Sex While He Was Unconscious

Huff Po – A Utah man taken is suing the officer who arrested him for not stopping a hospital worker from giving him oral sex when he was passed out. Brett Jensen is suing Logan City Police office James Gale, along with the Logan Regional Hospital, its employee Hal Lavaun Weston, and others because of a Jan. 20, 2012 incident at the hospital, where he was taken after passing out in a police vehicle. Jensen, who was later charged with public intoxication, trespass, and public urination, claims that Gale called Emergency Medical Services to take him to the hospital and followed the EMS van in his police cruiser to the hospital. According to the suit, Gale left him “unconscious and incapacitated” in a treatment room in the care of Weston, who was later arrested for performing “unsolicited oral sex” on Jensen, according to The Smoking Gun. Jensen is accusing Gale of observing Weston sucking “on plaintiff’s penis while plaintiff was unconscious and handcuffed,” and not attempting to “stop or arrest Hal Weston even though Officer Gale witnessed him perpetrating a felony sexual offense on plaintiff,” according to documents obtained by Courthouse News Service.

So let me get this straight – you’re suing everyone under the sun because you got your dick sucked? Man you got some balls. I mean listen I understand it was a dude that blew him, and nobody really wants that. But at the end of the day taking legal action because you got your dick sucked just doesn’t feel right. I got a buddy who once fell asleep getting a blow job when he was studying abroad. Laid back with his hands behind his head and started snoring mid blow task. Woke up and the chick was obviously gone. Just left him there. And after that he didn’t get another blow job for like years. He just spit right in the face of the Blow Job Gods and they made him pay for it.

Thats kinda how I feel about this situation. Yes you were handcuffed and unconscious and it was a dude performing fellatio. Its not ideal, I realize that. But at the end of the day suing for getting a blow job is just tempting fate in a way that I really wouldn’t wanna fuck with. Just close your eyes, take your blow job rape, and be happy. Rocks are rocks.