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Saints Fan Vs. His TV After Greg Zuerlein's Game-Winning 57 Yard Field Goal - Who Ya Got?

The first time I saw this video, I didn’t blog it because I thought it may have been fake. There’s no easier way to go viral than melting the fuck down after a big playoff loss while the rest of the world laughs at you and breaking a TV that has the structural integrity of one that was built by Barstool bloggers.

But then I thought about it and bit and realized this is the exact type of reaction any rational fan would have after watching their team lose its last two playoff games on a fluke 61-yard touchdown as time expired and a 57-yard field goal in overtime after the refs completely buttfucked them in regulation in back-to-back years. The fact there aren’t thousands of videos of Saints fans breaking TVs, punching walls, or burning houses down after yesterday’s game is actually a huge upset. Sure, most of them can just walk to the French Quarter and drink until they forget what football even is or cast a Dr. Strange spell on every Ram for the Super Bowl in the Voodoo District. But still, bravo to this guy for getting his feelings out and unleashing that right hook from hell. I know they say that breaking your own stuff doesn’t make you feel better. But I guarantee this guy doesn’t regret doing what he did to that Polaroid TV one bit. In fact, if he wants to let out more anger, I am personally inviting him to participate in Rough N Rowdy, where we will do our very best to match him up against a Rams fan, if any of them actually travel to Atlanta for the Super Bowl.