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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Woman Who Beat Up A Chick With A Baseball Bat At An S&M Photoshoot?

South Town Star – A Crete Township woman is out on bond on charges she beat another woman with a bat when plans for a S&M-themed photo shoot went awry, authorities said. Kimberly J. Williams, 45, of 97 Partridge Lane was charged with one count of aggravated battery for striking the victim more than 20 times with a wooden softball bat, authorities said. Will County police said a 48-year-old New Lenox woman recently met Williams on a domination/submission website and Williams asked about “taking sexually explicit photographs to send to her ‘master’, who is overseas.” The women met at a restaurant on the night of Jan. 15 before going back to have drinks and talk at Williams’ trailer, reports said. After the victim and Williams discussed being a dominatrix, she reportedly became angry and irrational, grabbing the woman’s purse and refusing to let her leave. Around 1:15 a.m. she punched the woman before grabbing a bat by the door and hitting her with it, police said. The victim ran outside and began screaming for help, which caused neighbors to call police. The victim was taken by ambulance to St. James Hospital in Chicago Heights where a “golf ball-sized” lump on her forehead was examined. Her wrist was also broken, reports said.

Listen if you’re gonna have a stranger come up in your trailer for an S&M photoshoot you gotta be prepared for whatever goes down. Unless you establish a safe world and have strict “don’t hit me with a baseball bat 20 times” rules, its pretty much anything goes. You want a cookie cutter photoshoot with the laser backgrounds and the corny poses, you can go to Sears. But if you wanna snap some pics that your overseas Master can appreciate, then don’t be surprised when baseball bats come out. Nothing gets a Master’s dick harder than a golf ball sized lump and a broken wrist. Thats like Dominatrix 101 really.

PS – Slap a mustache and a sweater vest on this chick and she looks like that one fat hairy terrorist we caught a few years back: