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Check Out This Broad Complaining About A Peephole Into Her Hotel Room

Daily NewsA Canadian couple’s romantic one-year anniversary trip to Mexico took a sick turn when they discovered a peephole drilled into their swank hotel suite. David Traccitto and his wife, Sarah Edwards, discovered the hole in the bathroom one day after checking into the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya resort. Edwards said she sensed something was wrong on their first day in the hotel. “I just felt like someone was around me,” Edwards told Ontario’s CBC News. “I heard what sounded like a latch opening, a door opening, and then moments later, a door shutting.” Traccitto discovered their luxe suite shared a wall with a maintenance room. When he went to investigate, he found a small hole leading into their shower. The peeping perv had even scraped off some paint on the glass inside the shower to get a clearer view. “You’re seeing right through the glass, right through the blue [shower paint], right to genital level … right in that shower,” Edwards fumed to CBC. “If the person is not in the shower, you can see directly into the king-size bed. The whole bed.” The couple alerted the hotel and was moved to a different room, where they stayed for the rest of the trip. CBC said the couple was now trying to get their travel agency, Transat Holidays, to refund their trip. The travel agency refused, saying the couple already accepted extra amenities as compensation – including free spa treatments.

Ah, yes. The good old “Erin Andrews” routine. Sure, it might not launch Sarah Edwards into superstardom, but you can’t hate her for trying to get a free vacation & 15 minutes of fame out of the deal. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, right? Maybe most people wouldn’t have run to the media to publicize an invasion of privacy they thought “ruined their life” – but look at this broad. My theory on chicks with bleach blonde hair is that it usually comes paired with a bleached asshole. It’s the scarlet letter of sluts. Why do you think they waited until the next day to figure out what was up? Sarah was in showtime mode for the night, that’s why. Riding some dick on the bed, getting pounded over the sink, railed in the shower doing a standing split. Probably pinned that pristine white starfish of hers up against the peephole hoping for a tickle from Santiago. And there was undoubtedly a solo sesh with the shower head while her hubby was sleeping. After a show like that, Sarah sure as shit deserves to be compensated. Worst case, a few spa treatments, but there’s no reason not to shoot for the moon.