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A Quick Word About Tom Brady

It’s late. Between both conference championships it’s been one of the most bananas days ever. I’ve been too caught up in the Patriots post game stuff to jump right on Barstool. I immediately broke out the good bourbon, the stuff Santa brought me. Oh, and I’ve got the little matter of having to get up at probably 5 AM to rewatch the game in a way that I can write a coherent Knee Jerk Reaction without posting it at around sundown. But I can’t lay my head, drunk with power and sweet, sweet alcohol on the pillow without saying something.

So broad strokes, what have we experienced tonight? Yet another pretender to the crown running into the Best There Ever Was. Patrick Mahomes is incredible. You’d not only have to be an idiot, you’d have to flat out hate tackle football in order to deny he does the impossible on a regular basis. But don’t fail to recognize this: Mahomes is the indisputable MVP of the season. He lost five games in total. Two of them – 40 percent to us mathletes – to Tom Brady.

That’s not coincidence or bad breaks or the luck of a coin flip. That is yet another new guy running into the Best There Ever Was. That’s a young buck hoping to take over the herd, but the Alpha showed him who has more velvet on his antlers, bringing him to the ground and proved he’s not so old as to give up the humping rights to all the females.

There are so many aspects to this win that I’ll probably spend all week working them out. Lots of great plays. Dozens of players who stepped up. But for the purposes of tonight, just look at that graphic. Tom Brady has been a starter for all of 17 years. And taken the Patriots to the Super Bowl in nine of those. Again, doing the math, that’s 53 percent of his career. At some point I’ll figure out how to put into perspective, how many game winning playoff drives tonight brings him to, but my guess is it’s somewhere between a shit ton and a fuck ton.

Regardless, there’ll be plenty of time for “perspective” later. And I promise you I’ll provide it nonstop between now and Super Bowl LIII. As the GOAT tries to win Ring Six against the franchise he won Ring One against back when half our readers were in onesies. Imagine how good this would be if he went to OTAs and wasn’t pissed off at his coach about where he can get his backrubs.

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