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The Way All The Boston Sports Teams Support Each Other Is So Goddamn Cool


I could post another hundred of these. I honestly have no idea if other cities do this shit. I assume not because other cities are mostly comprised of losers who lose and don’t win. Boston is the opposite of that so I find it hard to believe. Of course you see James Harden at an Astros game or LeBron at a Cowboys game and stuff like that. But the way Boston teams all feel so intertwined is something I’ve never seen in another sports town. Like when Tom Brady puts out his hype video it feels weird when David Ortiz, Zdeno Chara, and Paul Pierce aren’t somehow involved.

If I can be honest and transparent with everyone for a second: it’s the fucking best. The Red Sox win the World Series and then go to the Bruins, Celtics and Patriots games to show off the newest trophy in town. It’s like having a new child and introducing it to your extended family. Everyone is so goddamn happy and proud to add another one and then they go home, talk to their significant other, get a little jealous and say, “Hey, why don’t we add another to our family.” It’s excellence breeding more excellence. The Patriots push the Red Sox. The Red Sox push the Celtics. The Celtics push the Bruins. And around and around it goes. I don’t care that the Bruins and Celtics have only claimed one each this stretch. You make the mistake of counting them out if you want. Cause at this point I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bergeron hoist the Cup on the Kings home ice a few weeks before Kyrie beats LeBron at Staples Center this upcoming June. Who even knows anymore. Just keep beating LA and throwing parades for beating LA please and thank you.



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