Wake Up With Ken Griffey Jr Mondays - Griffey Makes A Spectacular Diving Catch In Fenway (Shout Out The Pats)
This week's installment of Ken Griffey Jr Mondays features a short clip. We got Griffey on the full sprint and the full extension laying out to make an incredible catch in shallow center field of Fenway Park. Not sure if you know this but Barstool Sports was started in Boston and many of the employers are fans of the football franchise they have up there. They advanced to the Super Bowl last night so I thought we'd give them a nod because Boston needs a pick me up, haven't had anything good happen to them in a while.
This catch reminds me of watching JBJ play center field at Fenway, he's made this diving play at least a couple dozen times. The headfirst dives are always tricky, if it gets by you, theres a chance that ball rolls to the wall. Decent chance you roll over on your wrist and break it too, that's never fun. Luckily for us Griffey was a super hero and made this catch look super easy and not hard at all. That was part of what made him special, the ease he made those catches with. Gotta love The Kid.