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Shout Out Matthew Slater For Being The Best Coin Toss Caller In The History Of Coins And Tosses

The most unsung of unsung heroes is Matthew Slater’s uncanny ability to defy the odds and shoot 100% from the field on something that has historically been 50/50. I don’t remember a time where Slater stepped up to call a coin toss in a big spot and came up short. I know people want to point to that time he inexplicably deferred but even then he still won that coin toss. Every Patriots fan knows and admires his special teams abilities but when push comes to shove his best attribute comes in the form of saying “Heads” loudly and clearly prior to a commemorative coin being tossed into the night sky. Once overtime hit and I remembered the Patriots were going to be able to call it I knew it was over. The Chiefs had no answers for Slater’s “Heads” play call. I don’t know what kind of voodoo powers he has over the coin but I am here to attest that they are real and they are easily the Patriots most least talked about dangerous weapon.