Just A Reminder The Redskins Thought Sean McVay Was Too Young To Be A Head Coach

Hmmmm. Interesting. So remember that little upstart coach who the Redskins just let walk right out of Ashburn and to the sunny skies of LA.? As it turns out, he was the coaching genius the entire league pegged him to be. Wait did I say the entire league? The entire league besides the Redskins. Too young to be a head coach, they though. We had him in the organization and the geniuses in the front office extended Gruden instead. Just more of the same. He’ll go on to lead the Rams to like, 10 Super Bowls and have a statue built for him on Rodeo Drive, and Bruce Allen will continue running the Skins organization into the ground from now until eternity.

But hey, at least Dan Snyder got that IMAX theater on his boat.