Another Moment With Gary Busey - This Time Explaining How To Turn Your Inner Tube Into A Sex Toy

And that way, you can pump fuck that inner tube from the top of the river to the bottom of river…everybody gets happy and everybody will be sending Christmas cards to the inner tube company.

So I guess this is Gary Busey’s new thing. “The Busey Zone” on Youtube. Whether he’s talking about Hobbits  or discussing how to fuck your favorite flotation device, The Busey Zone is probably gonna be guaranteed gold every time. I’ll be perfectly honest I didn’t follow his directions at all. No idea how to fuck my inner tube in the manner than he’s describing.

On a sidenote I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about fucking a Swimmie before. Blow up a water wing, get out some Jergen’s and just go to town.