Greg Zuerlein NEVER A DOUBT; Refs Officially Have A Bounty On Their Heads

Massive. Ironclad testicles swinging between the thighs of Greg Zur- Greg Zuerline? Greg The Leg. Legatron. Talk about earning a nickname. 57-yard BOOMSTICK with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line. I know it was a dome but honestly who gives a shit. Between forcing overtime with a kick I thought was wider than myself and then drilling the game-winner after the turnover in OT to end the Saints season he should be getting king treatment from his teammates the rest of time. Kickers only get glory or supreme hatred (see: Parkey, Cody) and for Zuerlein it’s nothing but lobster and steak for at least the next two weeks. The Rams are going to the Super Bowl. Gotta be a tough night for our boy Riggsy to see his old team Choppa Style all over his grave like this.

Falcons fans can breathe a MASSIVE sigh of relief knowing their city wont be invaded by their arch rivals for the next fortnight. There will be no Saints Super Bowl win in Atlanta this year and only a few years after the 28-3 game, Falcons fans didn’t deserve two weeks of torture like that.

PS – Those refs have to already be dead right? At least severely maimed. No chance they make it out of New Orleans after that no call. Just absolutely no chance.