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Mila Kunis Wants To Star In 50 Shades of Grey

NYDNMila Kunis may be going from “Black Swan” to “Fifty Shades of Grey.” The ‘That 70s Show’ alumna, 29, wants the leading role in the upcoming film adaptation of E.L. James‘ erotic best-seller, The Sun reports. “There are times when you just want to do something fun and different because you’re going to have a good time doing it,” Kunis said. If Kunis nabs the role, she’ll be portraying the naïve but beautiful Anastasia Steele who finds herself enraptured in an S&M relationship with the wealthy Christian Grey. Kunis isn’t the only one in Hollywood who’s interested in the movie. Casting rumors have pointed to “True Blood” hunk Alexander Skarsgard, “Harry Potter” darling Emma Watson, and “Les Miserables” star Amanda Seyfried as possible candidates for the starring roles. Kelly Marcell, the screenwriter in charge of transforming “Fifty Shades of Grey” for the silver screen, promises that the script won’t hold back. “It will be raunchy,” Marcel said. “We’re 100 percent going there.”

I don’t know whether its the fact that she went down on Natalie Portman or the fact that she wants to star in this movie, but there’s officially no doubt in my mind that Mila Kunis is one kinky little minx. Like ordinarily you’d imagine this role is for some no name actress who’s willing to get fucked 6 ways from Sunday on camera so that she can break on to the scene. Its not a role that an established  actress needs to take on. Unless of course she wants to do it and likes being tied up and whipped and having all sorts of stuff inserted inside her. Thats the only explanation for Mila Kunis wanting this role. She loves to get fucked.

Obviously you can just flip on any internet porn and see this sort of action but its just not the same when you got a big name actress doing it. Its the same reason the Black Swan scene was such a big deal. Its a couple of chicks you never get to see in action like that doing their best Tori Black impression. Makes it 10 times better.

PS – No CHANCE I’m letting Mila Kunis do this movie if I’m Ashton Kutcher. Whichever on screen couple does 50 Shades Of Grey will end up fucking in real life, I guarantee it. Its like a Mr. And Mrs. Smith situation times a billion.