Happy 89th Birthday to Buzz Aldrin. Here is a Video of Him Punching a Moon-Landing Denier in the Face

To Infinity and YOUR FACE MUTHAFUCKA! Don’t mess with the #MoonGawd.

If you didn’t believe in the moon landing before, this video should convince you otherwise. The rage with which he punched that dude in the face could only be mustered up by someone who flew 240,000 miles in a metal box to go where no man had gone before, only to be called a “coward” and a “liar” by some self righteous loser.

BartSibrelThe backstory behind this magnificent punch is that the dude he punched was a documentary film maker (Bart Sibrel) who told Buzz he wanted to film a segment for a Japanese TV show. However, once they met up Buzz found out he was really just making a documentary about whether the moon landing was actually a hoax. Buzz tried to walk out of the interview but kept on being pestered and insulted by Bart until BAM! Bart got his nose pushed in. Here is a video of the full confrontation.

Bart would go on to lose all of his hair and transform into a smug, penis-like creature. Karma is a bitch.