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Sox About To Land Joc Pederson? Sign Me Up!

Well this came out of nowhere.  I kinda took it with a grain of salt last night because I wasn’t sure on the info, but Jason Kinander nailed it.  Sox and Dodgers are talking shop on Joc Pederson.  Sounds like the rumored package might be some mix of Fulmer, Bummer and maybe Bryce Bush going back to LA.  If that’s the case, you do this move yesterday.  Fulmer, as much as I loved the pick at the time, hasn’t and most likely won’t work out for the Sox.  He’s been working with Driveline this winter (pitching school in Kent WA that’s revolutionizing baseball) so maybe a change of scenery is best for him, assuming he is in fact part of the deal.  Bummer is a LOOGY so he’s completely expendable as well, though he could eventually be a shut down LOOGY at that.

But… Bryce Bush is the one to watch here.  Sox fans have PTSD because of the Shields/Tatis Jr. trade (that I broke nbd) but he’s so far away from making an impact in the show that it doesn’t matter.  He might not even make it anyways.  He’s a complete wild card.  Boom or bust.  That said watch him turn into Mike Trout

Now onto Joc… I have always said I hated him as a baseball player.  Not because of his statistical output, which is better than average, but I just hate watching him play.  Just something about him.  It’s completely irrational and I’m pretty sure that’s just me, but I have always despised him as a player.

That said, his tools PLAY at Guaranteed Rate.  If healthy, he should approach 40 bombs by accident there.  He takes his walks, limits his strike outs (only 19% in 2018) and plays a passable CF.  He’s kind of a fat so I’d imagine he’ll be relegated to a corner should this trade go down, but his bat will play regardless.  something along the lines of .250/.340/.480-.500 with a .840ish OPS and 33-35 bombs should be about what he’s good for in this park.  And that’s roughly 8,000x better than Adam Engel.

Eloy, Machado (yes I’m convinced they’re about to close on him), Alonso and Joc all added to the lineup.  This offense is about to score some serious runs.  The fun is just about to start

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