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Dutch TV Hosts Undergo Child Birth Simulation To Endure The Same Pain Women In Labor Feel

Huff Po - Dutch television hosts Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno have done some pretty wild things for their show “Guinea Pigs.” (In 2011, they ate each other’s flesh in front of a live audience.) But the duo’s latest escapade had them yelling and clutching their abdomens in agony when they opted to experience simulated labor contractions. In a video clip from the show, Storm and Zeno reveal why they took on this particular challenge, explaining that giving birth is the worst pain there is. However, since men can’t feel labor pains, the two men used electro-stimulations to simulate contractions so they could experience the distress for themselves. “Do you think the pain will make us scream,” Zeno asks before the shocks begin. One of the nurses responds bluntly: “Yes, it definitely will.” She wasn’t lying. Propped on a bed with electrodes attached to their abdomens, Storm and Zeno last through two hours of the simulated contractions. Though they try to laugh through the strain, the men appear to be in complete misery as they double over and clutch pillows tightly.

I am so fucking sick and tired of hearing about child birth. Absolutely without a doubt the most overblown event in the history of the world. Broads these days act like they’re delivering a baby in a cave back in medieval times or something. Like they’re all on their own popping a kid out naturally risking their lives. Gimme a fucking break. This is 2013. Every chick is hopped up on drugs and meds and epidurals and shit. Half of you just get put under and get a C-section. You don’t get to play the child birth card anymore. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know if it ever hurt at all. This whole painful production could just be an elaborate ruse perpetrated by the female gender just to keep an edge over men. Like all females out there agree to this sisterhood of lies to maintain the balance of power. Its like the fuckin Da Vinci Code of something. Child Birth Is Painful – The Greatest Story Ever Sold! I ain’t buyin it.

Try accidentally sitting on your own testicle, ladies. Try getting buffalo sauce in your hangnail or shampoo in your dickhole. Try pissing a kidney stone out of your dick, for God’s sake. Bottom line is the “child birth is the most painful thing anyone can endure” days are long gone. Grow up.